2010 TABS Boarding Schools Fair Taipei

 This is the 15th year that TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools) holds North American Boarding Schools Fair in Asia. The TABS Asia Travel Program helps bring together families and representatives from boarding schools in the United States, Canada and England. 
It's a great chance for you and your children to learn more about the education information directly from official, reliable and legitimate sources and to meet 50+ boarding schools from all over the North America and England.

Advantages of Boarding Schools 
  • Small classes – about 1 teacher to 6 students; close relationships between students and faculty/staff 
  • All-aspect elite education to develop/motivate students’ potential in different fields 
  • A quiet and safe school environment with 24-hour all-around care 
  • A frame of reference to adapt to away-from-home living 
  • A variety of extracurricular and athletic activities 
Advantages of Boarding School Students 
  • Learning time management at the early stage of life 
  • Setting goals for self-motivation 
  • Fitting well in the U.S. campus culture 
  • Learning second language at the best time—before 16 years old 
  • Having a strong sense of social responsibility 
  • Excellent leadership training 
  • Developing independent thinking ability Well-preparation for U.S. college application ahead of time
About TABS
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is the public voice for college-preparatory boarding schools and the central resource for boarding school education. We serve roughly 300 boarding schools across the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Serving as a bridge between schools and students, we actively support the needs of boarding schools themselves, and provide information and insight to families about the benefits of a boarding school environment.

To this end, TABS hosts an annual conference, a series of workshops for school administrators and staff, publishes an annual magazine/directory, and hosts this website, www.boardingschools.com.