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EnvisionPrep 2011 SAT 4 Weeks Pre-test Boot Camp

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EnvisionPrep 2011 SAT 4 Weeks Pre-test Boot Camp

Are you ready for your SAT test?

To help you productively utilize the four weekends before your SAT test, EnvisionPrep presents a series of specially designed 4 weeks pre-test boot camp - in addition to increase practical test experience through mock exams and incisive explanation on SAT test!

Early Birdsà Register 2 weeks before each session starts to get a 10% off*

2 Is a Companyà Bring one of your friends to the class to get a 10% off*

Welcome BackàEnvisoinPrep’s students to get a 10% off*


Ø          Quality Instructors & Counselors: From top schools worldwide, including Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, Tufts University, and NTU, our teachers and counselors provide professional and experienced application consulting services and test preparation.

Ø          Small-sized Class: Each class has 12 students at maximum, 8-10 at average, and this enables the teachers to better understand each student and appropriately adjust the content and progress of lectures based on each student’s needs. Meanwhile, students have ample chances to ask questions and fully understand the concepts.

For further info, please call toll-free: 0809-080-661 or find us at

Taipei6Fl.-7, No.415, Sec. 4, Hsinyi Rd., Taipei 110; (02)-7718-7660

Taichung14F.-2, No.185, Sec. 1, Taichung Port Rd., North Dist., Taichung 404; (04)-23261607

* Discount limited to alternative use.