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About EnvisionPrep


EnvisionPrep believes that all students have an immense capacity to perform and grow. Instead of “tricks”, EnvisionPrep instills in students solid academic fundamentals so that they can not only outperform on the college entrance exams, but later on in college and beyond. EnvisionPrep sets itself from other test prep companies because it recruits teachers who are passionate about teaching and enjoy inspiring young minds. At EnvisionPrep, we are educators first and put the interest of our students and their families ahead of our own.
         Over the past decade, Envision Study Group has helped thousands of Taiwanese students reach their goals of advancing their education or careers overseas. 

Since 2008, EnvisionPrep has been committed to providing consulting services to Taiwanese students from grades 7 through 12, on numerous topics related to applying to schools (including boarding schools, summer schools, and undergraduate education in English-speaking countries): the application process, curriculum scheme, testing preparation, test schedule arrangements, etc. 

Our students have been successfully admitted to Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University, Brown University, Duke University, The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, New York University, among others.

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