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Management Team

Led by Mr. Mark Hsu, with experience in professional consulting services for over a decade, EnvisionPrep understands the differences between the educational systems in Taiwan and in English-speaking countries. With our unique insights into the needs of Taiwanese students, we specialize in personalized counseling based on each student’s ability to meet requirements for applying to English programs. Reigning from worldwide top schools, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, Tufts University, McGill University, NYU, and NTU, our teachers and consultants provide professional and experienced application consulting service and test preparation.

  Mark Hsu (Founder)
As a second generation Taiwanese immigrant in the U.S. who graduated from Stanford University, Mark understands from first-hand experience the requirements for applying to top universities in English-speaking countries and the differences among top schools. Since starting his business in the education sector in 1996, Mark has devoted himself to ensuring that Taiwanese students maximize their potential and gain admission into top schools.

 Nancy Tsai (Senior Consultant, College Counseling & Curriculum Development)
Having graduated from NTU, Nancy is knowledgeable about the education differences between Taiwan and the U.S./Europe as well as the difficulty for international students to enter disparate education systems. Nancy has dedicated herself to educating Taiwanese students about the benefits of studying abroad and helping them successfully gain admission to ideal schools.

  Jo Cheng (Senior Consultant, Director of Boarding School Counseling)
Graduated from Canterbury University after finishing her high school education and having 10-year experience in the education consulting field, Jo knows well the cultural and education difference between Asia and western. Jo experts at counseling families with young children to help them not only successfully gain admission to the most suitable boarding schools but also get well-prepared for the future studying scheme.
  Tina Chuang (Marketing Manager/ Consultant)
Graduated from Taipei First Girls’ High School and NYU, Tina joined EnvisionPrep team to combine her professional knowledge with her passion in education consulting.

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