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2016 Redesigned SAT

        One major component of university application is the SAT score. It is the most common used standardized test that all American universities accept in determining a candidate's readiness for college. For the past 10 years, the test structure hasn't changed. That is about to change in 2016. Below are common questions that may give you a better understanding of what to expect in 2016. 

Why is College Board changing the SAT? 

College Board is changing the SAT to better mirror college classwork. They claim that the new SAT will focus more on essential things that research shows has the most impact on college readiness. 

Who does the 2016 SAT affect? 

It will impact students who are enrolling to college in fall 2017 and onward

How many sections will there be in the new 2016 SAT?

There will be three sections: Evidence-based Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay. However, the Essay section will be made optional. 

How long will the 2016 SAT take? 

It will take approximately 3 hours, with an optional 50 minutes for the Essay section.

How will the test scoring change? 

The 2016 SAT scoring will be on a 400 to 1600 scale (200 - 800 points possible for the Evidence-based Reading and Writing, and Math). Scores for the Essay section will be reported separately from the 400 to 1600 scale and has a score range of 2-8. 

Furthermore, there will no longer be any penalty for any wrong or unanswered items. 

How will the 2016 SAT affect a non-native student? 

The section that will be heavily influenced in the 2016 SAT is the English section. Students are expected to engage in close reading, careful analysis and clear writing with supporting evidences. They need to interpret meaning based on context as well as be aware of possible multiple meanings of a word. 

There will be significantly more information/text for students to understand, dissect and analyze. Therefore, it is that much more vital for students to possess strong English skills. 

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