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SAT Subjects Options

        The SAT Subject Tests, formerly referred to as SAT II: Subject Tests, are designed to measure the knowledge and skills in particular academic subject areas. The SAT Subject Tests give you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content in specific subjects, such as English, history, mathematics, science, and various foreign languages. 

        Many colleges use the SAT Subject Tests for admission, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection. Some colleges specify the SAT Subject Tests that they require for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take. To decide which SAT Subject Tests to take, please check with colleges' admissions requirements first. 

        All SAT Subject Tests are one hour and multiple-choice tests and are scored on a scale of 200-800. The SAT Subject Tests fall into five general subject areas:
I. English
  • Literature
II. History
  • U.S. History (formerly American History and Social Studies)
  • World History
III. Mathematics
  • Mathematics Level 1 (formerly Mathematics IC)
  • Mathematics Level 2 (formerly Mathematics IIC)
VI. Science
  • Biology E/M
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
V. Languages
  • Chinese with Listening
  • French
  • French with Listening
  • German
  • German with Listening
  • Spanish
  • Spanish with Listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Japanese with Listening
  • Korean with Listening
* High lighted courses are subjects we suggest students to take. If you need any help with preparing for these tests, feel free to contact us.
* Language tests are only administered on November test date.
* There will be no subject tests on March test date.