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SAT Reasoning Test Strategy & Preparation
What strategies and skills should you use to tackle the SATs? How do you go about taking the exam in order to score the highest results? In preparing for the exam, how should you address your strengths and weaknesses to help you improve your score? Our classes will help you find these solutions and increase your test taking abilities in English and Math, all within a short amount of time. We will prep you with the proper strategies, methods and logic. Envisionprep's outstanding teaching team will train first-time test takers to competitively complete the SAT process.
(This course includes 10 mock exams)
SAT Mock Exam
At Envisionprep, our experienced team selects the most appropriate mock exams that best prepare you to achieve improved scores. We will expose you to test taking scenarios and direct you toward enhanced test preparation. Following each mock exam, our expert trainers will guide you through a session of elaborate reviews and comprehensive explanation. We will provide you with analysis on your performance, and tailor teaching plans customized to your needs to help you to conquer higher scores.
SAT II Subject Test Review
(Math 2C, Chemistry, Physics, Biology (E&M), US History, World History & Chinese)
Aside from SATs, top universities in the U.S. also require that applicants take SAT II. We design integrated programs for each SAT II subject, with sessions led by our experienced teaching staff. Our sessions are conducted in small classes, ensuring each student receive adequate assistance in accordance to their learning needs. Our teachers will address students' strengths and weaknesses in the respective subject, while effectively providing sound suggestions and customized study plans aimed at enhancing test scores.
AP Exam Review
(Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics, World History, & US History)
AP exams are increasingly drawing greater attention, and in addressing this trend, we are providing AP exam reviews. In a short amount of time, our expert teachers will prep students' comprehension in respective subjects. We will provide students with test strategies. Our AP exam reviews will show you the way to higher AP exam scores.
SSAT Review
If you are hoping to apply for elite boarding schools in the U.S., and you're worried about how to prepare for the SSAT, Envisionprep has the right course for you. Our program is designed to help you with your overall academic ability, and our outstanding staff will lead you in subjects of Chinese, English, and Math. With our program, you will form a base foundation for your boarding school years. Envisionprep believes in each student's infinite potential, and we will work with students and guardians to bring about the student's talent, intellectual ability and growth.
One-on-One / Small Group Tutoring Services
If you're striving to maintain competitive, successful or active, and if you desire courses to help you, Envisionprep is offering one-on-one tutoring services and group sessions to assist you on your learning experience. Each one of our American or Chinese-American tutors has undergone competitive and selective recruitment. Our tutors will cater to your learning needs and provide you with professional tutoring to help you effectively achieve your learning goals.
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