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2012 Summer Boot Camp

Do you know the importance of your SAT score?
Are you concerned about preparing for the SAT and college applications?
How will you maximize this summer to improve your chances of getting into your dream school?
Did you know with each 100 point improvement on the SAT I test, you surpass approximately 110,000 competitors??
 (reference: 2006 US College Board scores from 1800-1900)
To help you productively utilize these two summer months, EnvisionPrep presents a series of specially designed summer classesin addition to general instruction around exam-taking skills that include vocabulary and writing, EnvisionPrep offers personalized analyses and suggestions regarding each students improvements on a weekly basis.


 SAT I Summer Boot Camp
  • To help you establish your test-taking strategy, skills, and writing ability for the SAT I Reasoning test.
  • Improve your general understanding of the SAT exam.
  • To ultimately improve your SAT score in reading, writing, and math by learning the key points.
  •  8 mock exams and post-exam reviews are included.


6/11 ~ 8/18 (8 weeks or 10 weeks)     Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur. & Sat. 10am ~3 pm

SAT Mock Exam

  • To become familiar with the patterns of SAT and to evaluate your  progress via weekly mock exams.
  • To help you clarify concepts and correctly think about the questions, all by coordinating the mock exams with review and  explanation.
  •  To learn from your mistakes with the help of personalized  analyses and  recommendation reports after every mock exam so that every  mock exam’s a step toward success!

            6/13 ~ 8/18 (8 Mock Exams)    

            Wed(Mock Exam10am ~3pm Sat. (Review & Explanation)10 am ~3pm

SAT II Subject Tests Review

  • In addition to SAT, most U.S. colleges require students to take SAT II Subject Tests.
  • Therefore, EnvisionPrep offers complete lectures on each subject to help
    you fully comprehend the subjects and succeed!
  • Subjects available: Math II, Chemistry, Physics, Biology(E&M), US History, World History & Chinese.


             6/11 ~ 8/3 (8 weeks)  3 hours/session 2 sessions/week


Reading & Writing ( Pre-SAT I )

  • Designed specifically for students who want to upgrade their English reading and writing skills
  • Taught by experienced teacher, who will help you overcome old habits
  • Highly recommended for non native English speaking students!


                   6/11 ~ 8/16 (6 weeks)   Tue., Thur   4 pm ~7 pm

  • Subjects include Algebra I&II, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, US&World History, English & Chinese.
  • Arrange SAT model tests
  • Experienced and well-trained English-speaking tutors teach problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Space is limited


2 hours/session 2 sessions/week 10 sessions minimum, additional hours 

possible;customized & flexible class schedule


Our Features


Quality Instructors & Counselors:

From top schools worldwide, including Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia, Johns Hopkins University, McGill University, Stanford University, Tufts University, and NTU, our teachers and counselors provide professional and experienced application consulting services and test preparation.


Small-sized Class:

Each class has 12 students at maximum, 8-10 at average, and this enables the teachers to better understand each student and appropriately adjust the content and progress of lectures based on each student’s needs. Meanwhile, students have ample chances to ask questions and fully understand the concepts.



EnvisionPrep (Taipei) 

Add.: 6F.-7, No. 415, Sec. 4, Hsinyi Rd., Taipei, 110 (At the corner of Keelung Road & Hsinyi Road)

Tel: 02-7718-7660

EnvisionPrep (Taichung)  

Add.: Room A, 5F-1, No. 160-1, Sec. 1, Taichung Port Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

Tel: 04-2326-1607


Proven Track:

 In previous years, our students’ SAT scores have improved an average of 300 points !!!

For 8-week up SAT I Summer Boot Camp:
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