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Success Stories

Last year, we worked with five students who had just completed their junior years in high school. Over the course of one summer (10 weeks), we helped them boost their scores by an average of 338 points.

If you've completed your junior year in high school, boosting your SAT score will be the single most important thing you can do to improve your chances of getting into your dream school!


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  Student Testimonials  

“Among all the agencies in Taipei, Envision Prep was the only agency that encouraged me to study abroad as a junior in high school while others suggested me to stay as a sophomore for an extra year to get used to the environment and improve my English. However, Envision Prep proved them wrong. Because of Envision, I did fine throughout high school with their help and counseling (class selection, essay editing, constant encouragement, summer SAT program, just to name a few) and successfully got admission to the ideal college I had always dreamed of. Through Envision, I not only had a great time with the counselors and students there, but also learned more about myself and discovered my potential. I strongly recommend you Envision Prep!”
Harrison S., Northwestern University, Class of ‘13 
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

    “I first knew EnvisionPrep when I was a sophomore student in high school. In the past four years, EnvisionPrep has helped me reach my greatest extent by incessantly encouraging me to challenge my original capacity. Because of its great assistance in multifarious fields, I could surpass myself by achieving high scores in standardized exams and getting in a good college. Moreover, EnvisionPrep offered me an excellent working experience during the last summer, where I learned abundant practical social knowledge that can hardly be found in common academic readings. In sum, EnvisionPrep truly played a crucial role in my life so far, and I believe that I will still seek help from it in the future. By the way, I personally give thanks to Nancy, Jassie, Mark, Judy, and Donald. Without your help, I could never attain where I am right now.” 
Joey H., UCSD, Class of ‘13
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

    “EnvisionPrep has encouraged me to look beyond my niche, and has enabled me to make life-changing decisions. Attending UC-Berkeley was not possible without EnvisionPrep's superior counselors and their guidance. The process for applying to colleges was rather demanding, but yet EnvisionPrep managed to help me reach my goal.” 
Lisa W., Berkeley Class of ‘12
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

    “EnvisionPrep encouraged me to start taking the SATs when I was in 10th grade and also apply through Early Action. They made the application process relatively stress free and enabled me to attend my top choice of schools.”
C. Hsu, Yale, Class of ‘09
Hometown: El Cerrito, CA

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