2010 college transfer Brown University

Common App


Transfer Deadline

Mar. 1(F & Sp)

Essay Questions
Common Apps
  • Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (150 words or fewer, 1000 character maximum).
  • Please provide a statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.
  • Include any additional information that you would like to provide regarding special circumstances, additional qualifications, etc. (1000 characters)
Brown Supplements
  • If you have taken time away from your schooling since leaving secondary school for an academic term or longer, please tell us how you spent that time.
  • Please tell us more about your interest in Brown: Why does Brown appeal to you as a college option? Who or what has influenced your decision to apply? (1800 characters)
  • Describe what academic field(s) you wish to pursue at Brown, how you came upon that interest, and any post-undergraduate academiccareer plans you may have considered. 
  • *(Optional essay) We are confident that the information you have submitted through the Common Application and our Brown Supplement will give us a full picture of who you are. However, if there is something we have not asked that you feel is crucial to our understanding of your candidacy at Brown, you may address that here. Examples might include: explaining a period of uneven academic performance, or a decision to take a substantial amount of time away from formal schooling. (1800 characters)
  • SAT I or ACT: required, with writing
  • SAT II: 2
  • Recommendation letter(s): 2
  • Minimum credits
  • Others
    • Secondary School Transcript Required: Yes
    • Higher Education Transcript Required: Yes     
    • Transfer applicants are not eligible to apply to the Program in Liberal Medical Education or the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program
  • Documents
    • Brown Transfer Application: Supplement to the Common Application
    • The Common Application 
    • Common Application College Official’s Form
    • An official transcript of the previous college academic record 
    • 2 Common Application Instructor Evaluations ( Bachelor of Science degree (Sc.B.), at least one of your instructor evaluations should come from a math or science instructor. )
    • Common Application Secondary School Final Report
    • Standardized Test Results (SAT code:  3094; ACT code: 3800, TOEFL: int'l students)
    • Financial Aid Application (if applicable) 
    • $ 75 Application Fee
    • International/ Homeschool Supplement to the Secondary School Report (if applicable)
Contact Info
  • Address
Box 1876
Providence, RI 02912
United States of America
  • Phone: 401-863-2378
  • Fax: 401-863-9300
  • Email: admission_undergraduate@brown.edu