2010 University of Southern California transfer

Common App

Transfer Deadline

Feb. 1 (F)

Essay Questions
Please write an essay of approximately 500–700 words (typically about two double-spaced pages) on one of the following topics. 
  • 1. USC's speaker series "What Matters to Me and Why" asks faculty and staff to reflect on their values, beliefs and motivations. Presenters talk about choices they have made, difficulties encountered and commitments solidified. Write an essay about an event or experience that helped you learn what is important to you and why it is important.
  • 2. "Visions and Voices" is a university-wide arts and humanities initiative that seeks to transform students' perspectives through presentations and performances by top artists, writers and scholars. Tell us about a creative project, performance or other work of yours and how it reflects your vision or voice.
  • 3. Thomas Edison failed many times before successfully inventing the modern electric light bulb. He said, "If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." Reflect on a challenge you overcame through persistence. 
  • SAT I or ACT: required if the # of transferable semester units is lower than 30.
  • SAT II: 3
  • Recommendation letter(s): 1
  • Minimum credits: 24
  • Others
1. an“A-/B+”average on transferable work
2. two semesters of English composition 
  • Documents
      • Forms 1a and 1b, Undergraduate Application Fall 2011.
      • Form 2, Personal Statement and Activity Summary Cover Sheet
      • Form 6, College/University Academic Summary (Forms 3, 4 and 5 are for Freshmen only)
    • Send by mail official transcripts from each college you've attended.
    • Send by mail official, final high school transcripts. Be sure to attach a copy of Form 7, Transcript Request Form for High School Records to each high school transcript you submit.
    • International Students in need of a student visa should file Form 8, Financial Statement of Personal of Family Support.

Contact Info
  • Address
USC Office of Admission, 
University Park Campus, 
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911
  • Phone: 213. 740. 1111 
  • Fax: 
  • Email: ugadmissions@caltech.edu