Weekly SAT I Mock Exam 2011

EnvisionPrep 2011 Weekly SAT Mock Exam

---------------------Wondering where to start with your SAT preparation?----------------------

l  To help you productively utilize the weekends to prepare for the challenging SAT Reasoning test, EnvisionPrep presents a series of specially designed Weekly Mock Examclasses that will aid you in increasing practical test experience through continuous practice every weekend.

l           EnvisionPrep’s quality instructors will also provide incisive answer analysis, in order to help students clarify the concepts and conquer the test!

Course Features

l           Flexible: Students can sign up for the “Incisive Answer Analysis” session or the “Mock exam + Incisive Answer Analysis” session according to their schedule and subject preferences.
 Note: FREE of charge for mock exams if students choose to do the mock exam at home and hand in their answer sheet before 12pm on session day

l  Quality Instructors & Counselors: EnvisionPrep’s instructors & counselors are from the top schools worldwide, including Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, UC Berkeley and NTU. All of EP’s instructors & counselors are professionals experienced in SAT testing and SAT teaching.

l           Small-sized Class: Each class has 12 students maximum, and this enables the teachers to better understand each student and appropriately adjust the content and progress of lectures based on each student’s needs. Meanwhile, students will have ample chances to ask questions and have an opportunity to fully grasp the concepts.

Weekend SAT Mock Exam/ Incisive Answer Analysis

Mock Exam
Every Saturday and Sunday
9am – 1pm
Incisive Answer Analysis
Every Saturday 2pm – 6pm
Every Sunday 2pm – 6pm

Mock Exam
1 ticket
Incisive Answer Analysis
4 tickets per subject
  • Minimum purchase: 30 tickets 
  • *group purchase accepted* 
  • *NT $1000 per ticket* 
Special Offers
  • 60 tickets-- 5% off
  • 90 tickets--10% off 
  • 120 tickets--15% off 
Saving up to NTD 18,000!!