Junior Year

Junior Fall

  • Keep working hard in the classroom and staying involved on campus and in the community services. 
  • Take PSATs – (many of your college office will register you for this October test).
  • Pick up practice exams in your school’s college counselor office or contact your Envision counselor for sample tests.
  • May of your schools will hold college admissions representatives throughout the fall - If you don’t have class and would like to meet with them to learn about their schools, come by for a visit.
  • Work on your own resumé (activity list).

Winter and Spring of the Junior Year

  • Buy a good college guide. For example, Barron’s or Peterson’s has just about all the nuts and bolts. The Fiske Guide to Colleges gives more in-depth, narrative—and also subjective—accounts of about 100 popular colleges and universities.
  • Meet with your Envision counselor initially and then schedule a follow-up meeting. At this time you will build a list of colleges that appeal to you. Constantly refine this list as your research grows. Look for patterns in your list – athletic interests, geography, etc. 
  • Complete your resumé (activity list).
  • Check out school web pages on the Internet. Write/e-mail/call colleges and ask to be placed on their mailing list.
  • Register for ACT, SAT I & II and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). 
  • Visit a few campuses in March. Be sure to get a business card of anyone you meet:  Follow up with a thank you note, and you may use long weekend in the spring to visit a few more colleges.
  • Find out what your social security number is and have it memorized!
  • Attend college fairs in April/May. 
  • Take the SAT, SATII and ACT in May and June..

Spring and Summer before Senior Year

  • If you haven’t already done so, you should write colleges on your list for information and applications.
  • Continue to research colleges on your list and speak with currently enrolled students. Use the Internet as an important research tool.
  • Take a TOEFL exam in August if necessary. 
  • Prepare for the Fall SAT.    
  • Work on Common Application over the summer. 
  • Community service hours - volunteer over the summer!
  • Summer employment, reading, travel–keeping engaged and active–all are important!
  • Start working on your essays.
  • Visit more colleges-again, make sure you follow up with anyone you make contact with at a college.