College Entrance Tests

Preliminary SAT (PSAT) & National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT)

The PSAT will be offered in October. Every member of the Sophomore and Junior Class will take the exam in most High Schools in the USA. The test has been redesigned, and additional information is available through the College Board’s Web site: or in booklets available in the College Office and Registrar’s Office at your school.


Growing more popular with each year, the ACT provides a wonderful alternative to the SAT. Many colleges and universities will take the ACT in lieu of the SATI and II exams. More and more students are submitting only the ACT for college admission consideration and so it has become an ESSENTIAL test to add to the testing portfolio. The exam MUST be taken with the writing addition. Paper applications are available in the College Office at your school. To learn more about the ACT, visit its website: http://www act org.


We strongly encourage all juniors to take the SAT Reasoning Test in March. We feel it is important for students to take the SAT three times, and the earlier date will allow for SATIIs and for any unexpected circumstances that may arise later. Taking the test three times is a rule of thumb, but certainly not a mandate. Discuss with your Envision counselor the relative merits of taking the test more or fewer times.


Every Spring, students in the freshman, sophomore, junior years will take the SAT II subject tests. These are one hour exams given at the conclusion of specific courses. In recent years, we recommended that students take these tests when they felt it appropriate and to use the Score Choice option, which kept scores hidden from colleges until students chose to release them.

Breaking with past years, however, ETS no longer provides the Score Choice service, and so it is more important than ever to discuss the relative merits of taking each particular test this June. If your son or daughter is doing well (low 80s and better) in the following courses, it may be worthwhile for him or her to take the corresponding SATII.  Make sure that you ask your Envision counselor if it would be appropriate to take the SATII at this time, given the materials covered in the course and the student’s own performance in that class.