Students and parents should contact colleges in advance to learn more about visitation options. Some schools do not provide personal interviews, but instead, they offer group information sessions that are conducted at various times throughout the day. Campus tours are often given more frequently. It is necessary to make arrangements for personal interviews well in advance. Evaluative interviews mean that the interviews will play a role in the final admission decision. Informational interviews are only used as an opportunity to convey specific information and will not be used in the decision process. Some schools that tend to have high volume offer the opportunity to interview with an alumnus who lives in your area. While some admissions offices do not place the greatest amount of weight on these meetings, you do want to put your best foot forward and take advantage of the opportunity—a great interview may not help very much, but a poor one will certainly hurt your chances. Note: some alumni groups are better than others in terms of getting these interviews organized. If you are not contacted within a reasonable amount of time after your application has been sent in, don’t fret. Call the admissions office and ask about getting in touch with your area alumni representative. Students should remember the name and request the card of the person who interviewed them at a given college. This facilitates further contact between your school counselor and the college admissions representative regarding a specific student.