Cooperative Programs


Murdoch University, Australia (Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor    : Psychology, Tourism & Events Management, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Human Resource                                     Management, International Business, Management, Marketing Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Cyber Forensics –                                 Information Security and Management, Communication & Media Studies, Marketing, Public Relations - 16-24 months

RMIT University, Australia (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor    : Accountancy, Economics and Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing– 36 months (18 months for                                 DAC/DBF/DIB/DMS graduates)

     Professional Communication – 24 months (20 months for DMS graduates)

Southern Cross University, Australia (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Business Administration (12 months, Top-Up), Business: Convention & Event Management, International Hospitality Management – 27                             months

B.     Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management – 12 months

University of Wollongong, Australia (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor    : Digital Systems Security, Multimedia and Game Development, Psychology – 36 months



Bangor University, UK (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Business Studies and Finance, Banking and Finance – 24 months

B.     Master      : Business Administration in Banking and Finance, Business Administration in International Marketing – 12 months

Northumbria University, UK (MDIS, Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor (MDIS)    : Product Design Engineering (24 months), Biotechnology (36 months), Computer and Network Technology (16 months),                                                Computer Security (16 months)

B.     Bachelor (Kaplan) : Business Management, Business with International Management, Business with Marketing, Business with Logistics & Supply                                        Chain Management, International Hospitality & Tourism Management, Mass Communication, Mass Communication with                                                Advertising, Mass Communication with Business, Mass Communication with Public Relations – 16 months

C.     Master (MDIS)      : Engineering Management, Health Sciences, Biotechnology – 12 months

D.    Master (Kaplan)    : Financial Management, Marketing Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management – 15 months

Nottingham Trent University, UK (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Branding – 36 months

Royal Holloway University of London, UK (Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor    : Management, Management with Accounting, Management with International Business, Management with Marketing – 18 months

University College Dublin, Ireland (Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor    : Banking and Wealth Management, Business with Law, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Management, Logistic &                                 Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing – 18 months

B.     Master     : Finance, Management – 12 months

University of Bedfordshire, UK (Kaplan)

A.    Master     : Business Administration – 12 months

University of Birmingham, UK (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor   : Business Management, Business Management with Communications, International Business – 24 months (for SIM Diploma graduates)

B.     Master     : International Business – 12 months

University of Bradford, UK (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Business and Management Studies, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, International Business and Management - 24 months

                             Biomedical Sciences (Specializations in Medical Biochemistry/Medical Cell Biology/Cancer Biology) - 36 months

B.     Master      : Business Administration – 15 months

University of Essex, UK (Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor    : Accounting, Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Management and Marketing – 18 months

University of London, UK (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor    : Computing and Information Systems, Creative Computing, Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Economics and Finance,                          International Relations, Mathematics and Economics, Banking and Finance, Economics, Economics and Management, Information                                 Systems and Management – 36 months (24 months for DE graduates)

B.     Diploma for Graduates: Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Social Sciences – 12 months

University of Portsmouth, UK (Kaplan)

A.    Bachelor    : Accountancy & Financial Management – 18 months

University of Southampton, UK (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor    : Marketing – 24 months (for DAC/DIB/DBF/DMS graduates)

University of South Wales, UK (MDIS)

A.    Master       : Computer Forensics, Computing and Information Systems – 12 months

University of Stirling, UK (SIM Global Education)

A.    Bachelor    : Retail Marketing, Sport Studies and Marketing – 24 months (for DIB/DMS graduates)

University of Sunderland, UK (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Accounting and Financial Management, Business and MarketingInternational Tourism and Hospitality Management – 9 months, Top-Up

B.     Master      : Business Administration (MBA),Tourism and Hospitality – 12 months

University of Warwick, UK (SIM Global Education)

A.    Master    : Engineering Business Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management - 12 months

University of the West of England, UK (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Digital Media – 16 months



Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France (MDIS)

A.    Master    : International Business, Finance – 24 months



Oklahoma City University, USA (MDIS)

A.    Bachelor    : Liberal Studies with concentration in Mass Communications, Behavioral Studies with concentration in Psychology – 18 months