Stanley Henry Kaplan, the founding father of Kaplan, started his enterprise in 1938 in New York City. Rejected admission to his desired schools due to ethnic biases, he was motivated to help others to excel their academic abilities. Known to boost students’ SAT scores at that time, his business grew rapidly and has spread across America in the 1970s. The Washington Post Company acquired Kaplan in 1984 and cultivated it into a giant entity.

        In 2005, Kaplan entered Asia’s market by building a center in its hub -- Singapore. Today, Kaplan Singapore has 18,000 enrolled students pursuing all kinds of degree programs from globally-ranked universities. In a small city such as Singapore, housing is not a small task for international students. However, Kaplan has considerately offered a housing residence, called Kaplan Residence @ McNair, and is only available to Kaplan students. Please click here for more information. 

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