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2015 Summer Boot Camp 

SAT/ACT: The question is do you know how to excel at it?

Are you concerned about preparing for the SAT and college applications? How will you maximize the summer to improve your chance of getting into your dream school?

Did you know that with each 100 point improvement on the SAT I test, you surpass approximately 110,000 competitors?

To help you surpass those 110,000 others, EnvisionPrep presents our efficient and effective annual summer boot camp.

Starting on June 15th, you can attend from four to ten weeks of SAT/ACT Know-Hows and English Skills Strengthening. Our aim is not only to help you understand how to take the test, but also make a difference in your university endeavors!

Every week, you will have access to private consulting in regards to your progress with our experienced and trusted consultant. We will help find a suitable studying method and, when we work together, don't be surprised if you improve by 300 points!

Have more questions? Call 886-2-2771-6002, Mon-Fri. 10am-7pm


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    Posted Aug 9, 2010, 2:20 AM by Chuang Tina
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Our Mission

EnvisionPrep believes that all students have an immense capacity to perform and grow. Instead of “tricks”, EnvisionPrep instills in students solid academic fundamentals so that they can not only outperform on the college entrance exams, but later on in college and beyond. EnvisionPrep sets itself from other test prep companies because it recruits teachers who are passionate about teaching and enjoy inspiring young minds. At EnvisionPrep, we are educators first and put the interest of our students and their families ahead of our own.

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